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Mission and Services of Intersect Technology Systems  security consultingOur Mission

Intersect Technology Systems exist to provide Business Asset Protection Solutions to provide decision makers with the most accurate and factual information needed for critical decisions. Those decisions may include vendor verification. A frequent misconception about background checks is that there exists a massive, centralized data repository that stores every piece of information the government has ever collected on every person. In truth, information is often incomplete and fragmented between different agencies and non-governmental organizations. Sometimes the data available is simply unreliable.

Furthermore, there is not a universal way to perform a background check, given that the level of depth and scope will vary based on the purpose of the search. The background check for a construction worker will not be the same as that for a high level manager, and a check on an individual will differ greatly from one performed on an organization.

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Fraud Risk Management Program

There are many measures organizations can and should take to minimize the risk that fraud might occur and go undetected. A fraud risk assessment can be a powerful proactive tool in the fight against fraud for any business. Initial steps are to identify what makes a good fraud risk assessment can be gained through the use of a business impact analysis. 

Outline the components of a fraud risk management program

  • Perform current business impact analysis as a risk assessment tool
  • Identify management controls 
  • Create / update policies
  • Ensure that all affected employees are aware of policies
  • Conduct fraud examinations using efficient and legal methodologies
  • Analyze the evidence you have found and close the investigation